Gift box ORRO Argan large


The gift box in the large version contains

  • 250 ml Orro Argan Shampoo
  • 250 ml Orro Argan Conditioner
  • 30 ml Orro Argan Oil

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The noble gift box contains everything you need for daily hair care to give your hair the best possible care.

  1.   250ml Argan Shampoo – it soothes the scalp and counteracts dandruff. The shampoo strengthens the hair roots and gives the hair volume. Thanks to the high-quality organic vegetable oils, the hair becomes shiny and smooth
  2.   250ml Argan Conditioner – this new generation conditioner has a unique fine consistency and is the ideal treatment for repairing damaged hair. The hair is moisturised and optimally prepared for further styling.
  3.   30ml Argan Oil – a velvety oil for the hair. It contains nourishing, vegetable oils. The unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins nourish deep down. Already after the first application the results are visible, the hair becomes shiny and smooth.


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