Hair Box Nashi Life


This Gift Box especially designed for women with coloured hair contains:

  • Nashi Life Shampoo 200ml
  • Nashi Life Conditioner 200ml
  • Nashi Argan Oil 30ml

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In addition to the original and as special product for coloured hair, the Nashi Hair Box is now also available as limited edition with the Shampoo and the Conditioner of Nashi Life.

The shampoo of Nashi Life contains a protein-collagen-complex and has as further ingredients panthenol, glycine, wheatproteins and extracts of the coconut. Its delicate cleansing with naturally-derived amphoteric agents, preserves the colour and gives the hair naturalness and softness.

The conditioner is enriched with antioxidants and an uv-filter. It reconditions the hair, hydrates it, facilitates combing and reduces static electricity effects.

The Argan Oil repairs, nourishes and gives brightness to your hair all in one single step. Making it light and full-bodied your hair will be protected from UV rays and harmful substances. It even tames wild hair and makes styling easier.


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