Nashi Argan Scented Candle


With the perfume of:

  • Bergamot
  • White flowers and Vanilla
  • Amber and Wood

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What feels better than to return to your home to fling oneself down on the sofa, perhaps with a fluffy blanket to lose oneself in a good book. But … there is missing something. Something to put the mind at ease…..

The joyful path of the Nashi Argan Scented Candle starts with the scent of bergamot and makes you curious for more. The Blend of Perfumes evolves step by step and shows its sophisticated and comforting aspect. The scent of flowers sweetened by a whiff of vanilla is spreading out in the room, stimulating the spirit and letting all preoccupations be forgotten. Shortly after, the warm aroma of amber is mixing with the odour of wood to create an atmosphere reminding of a crackling fireplace in front of which one wants to spend many hours in amiable conversation.


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