Nashi Life Shampoo Color Maintenance


  • Amphoteric Shampoo without sulphates
  • Delicate cleansing with naturally-derived amphoteric agents
  • Preserves colour
  • Collagen protein Complex- Glycine, Wheat protein
  • Anti-aging
  • Panthenol
  • Botanical extract – coconut
  • Gives naturalness and softness
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The shampoo of Nashi Life contains a protein-collagen-complex and has as further ingredients panthenol, glycine, wheatproteins and extracts of the coconut. Its delicate cleansing with naturally-derived amphoteric agents, preserves the colour and gives the hair naturalness and softness.

The shampoo with a straightening formula seals the cuticle and provides long lasting brilliance and luminace to the colour.



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200ml, 500ml


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