Nashi Argan l’essenza


If you like elegant and seductive notes and appreciate a mysterious and seductive scent, this fragrance is made for you.

  • Head note: fruity notes
  • Heart note: Jasmine, Provence Rose, Cananga Tree
  • Base note: Argan, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla

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Caught by amazing compositions of olfactory remembrances and vibrant emotions, is the element and the secret to success of the products of Nashi Argen. This is the purpose of L’essenza the perfume of Nashi too. A real explosive scent, magnetic and enchanting, leaving you unforgettable.

Sensual, mysterious and rousing l’essenza courages self-esteem and stengthens conciousness so as your charisma knows no limits. Magnetic scents turn the air to an irresistible call.

Hypnotic, winning and hardly to be ignored this encounter with oriental sounds of dreamy shades, recalling visions and touches of afternoons when you were kissed by an amber sun.

The scent starts with a fruity note followed by a heart note in which flowery notes of jasmine, provence rose and cananga tree intertwine to reach a peak of timeless sensuality. In this blaze enwraped by argan, sandalwood, amber and vanilla, by which the essence of Nashi Argan is rounded, flowers are floating from a dream to a reality in which safety and seduction are equal to nourish each other.


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