Nashi Argan Capixyl 7 Night Programme


Intensive treatment to reactivate hair root activity.

• Preventive against hair loss
• Easy application with dosing pump
• Is completely absorbed without residues

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Intensive treatment to reactivate hair root activity and thus prevent hair loss. Composed of Capixyl and plant stem cells. The dispenser simplifies the application also on the back of the head. Is completely absorbed without leaving any residue.

Why does the treatment work best at night? During the shawl, the absorption of the active ingredients is not affected by weather conditions, pollution and light exposure and can therefore be optimally absorbed via the scalp and penetrate right into the hair follicles. In addition, the cell metabolism slows down during the suture hours. They are the most important phase for all body cells to do their repair work on cell structures and to work on their regeneration.
Already in the first week of treatment, the function of the hair root is stimulated so that the hair follicles lengthen by approx. 35% in the first few days. This allows the hair to anchor better and creates optimal conditions for hair growth.

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