Marly Skin


Help with skin problems

Proven millions of times over for 25 years!

  • protection against hairdresser chemicals
  • Protection against contact allergens
  • Protection against damp work
  • Protection when wearing gloves

The excellent tolerance has been confirmed by clinical reports.


Every day, the largest human organ, the skin, is exposed to aggressive and dangerous substances. More and more often it reacts with redness, itching, even allergic reactions and eczema. Especially if you have to deal with substances that contain chemically aggressive ingredients day in, day out. Skin diseases are already among the most common wortk-related diseases today. Even every housewife can tell you a thing or two about it. Even the use of gloves often doesn’t help anymore.

Marly Skin now offers invisible protection against harmful and irritating substances more than 4 hours after application. It feels pleasant, is not greasy, the skin respiration is not hindered. It forms a protective layer, but not on the skin, but in the skin layer. This means that washing with soap, disinfectant or solvent cannot destroy the protective layer.

Marly Skin can be applied to the whole body.



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