Nashi Argan Luxury Vintage Case


A luxurious small leather suitcase contains four products for body wellness:

  1. Nashi Argan Daily Body Cream 200ml
  2. Nashi Argan Gentle Scrub Face 30ml
  3. Nashi Argan Dry Oil 100 ml
  4. Nashi Argan Nectar Revitalising Oil 30ml

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A luxurious small leather suitcase contains four products of the Nashi Argan line for body wellness. Products which are a guarantee for beauty and sense of well-being.

Nashi Argan Daily Body Cream is a very rich and emollient cream, prepared with Argan Oil, Glaucin (of the yellow horned poppy), Sweet Almond Oil, Rice Germ Oil and Shea Butter. It reshapes and restores the natural skin’s moisture. giving it a velvety sensation. To skin irregularities, orange-peel skin and accumulation of fluid Nashi Argan Daily Body Cream has therapeutic effects by fighting the symptoms with its actice components.

Nashi Argan Gentle Scrub Face is a new and innovative combination of peeling and hydration. Grated apricot stones and jojoba pearls remove in a gentle way skin impurities and dead skin cells. Argan Oil and Glycerin nourish and hydrate the skin of your face, making it soft and velvety. It is suitable for all types of skin.

Nashi Argan Dry Oil is enriched with biological Argan, Linseed and Crambe Oil. It nurses sensitive and dry skin. Deficits in hydration are balanced and the skin‘s own protective barrier is reestablished. Antioxidative substances act against akin ageing prevent the formation of strech marks. Nashi Argan Dry Oil guarantees deep non-greasy hydration to your skin.

Nashi Argan Nectar is a uniqe innovation with five essential oil: the biological Argan Oil, Crab Oil, Babassu Oil, Amaranth Oil and Rice Bran Oil to revitalize all types of skin, from the youngest to the more mature ones. Due to the antioxidant components Nashi Argan Nectar gives brilliance and elasticity to your face. The skin looks smooth and bright. Natural filler substances regenerate and smooth small wrinkles.


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